Still Waiting For Our Wedding Photos...

Louise and I got married on 29 July earlier this year and quite shockingly (to me at least) we are still waiting to get our wedding photos! After paying hundreds of pounds for photos that look nice, but I must say nothing amazing, our photographer is still messing us about! It took over a month for him to produce the book with the tiny little proofs in it, then a few more weeks to produce a CD with really low resolution images that didn’t help much more. Louise phoned him today and yet again he said they weren’t ready. Yet again he promised that he would have them ready by the end of the week and yet again I don’t believe it. We went with the guy who I stupidly believed was one of the best in Sheffield (Seaman Photographers or something like that) and have received what I would call poor service ever since the wedding. He said the proofs would be ready when we got back from our honeymoon, then when we got them you could hardly make out what the pictures were of. Now we have chosen them and ordered and spent even more money on albums and more photos he keeps delaying on delivery. I wish I had just asked a friend to take some photos. Louise’s sister used a guy who trained under our photographer and they had the proofs (real prints) before they got back from honeymoon and their albums within a month! When will it ever end (no I’m not talking about my rant ).

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