I really wanted to be one of the cool kids and blog on a leap day yesterday but everything got a little hectic and if I am honest I just opened a bottle of wine when I finished work. So here we are on a mundane 1st of March, where we joined what I would consider one of the most mundane gym brands and went on our first workout there. Above you can see what my watch thinks of my efforts, summarizing it as overreaching!

We had a local gym we quite liked in upstate New York but when the pandemic hit I just couldn’t do the exercising in mask thing despite buying four or give “fitness masks” that claimed they would help. The last few years I have been trying to walk more, we have built up a small home gym but lack some of the cardio equipment we would like. So earlier this week I said to my good wife we should just join and see how it goes.

I want a better gym, with higher quality equipment, and a pool, and a sauna and all that other stuff. Planet Fitness has always been a brand that just didn’t gel with me, and it still doesn’t. They do however have geography on their side as the gyms with what I want could have my increased membership fee if only they were closer. It was fine, and I think it will be fine. I am not about to start telling you all how amazing it is there.

So here you have a mundane post about a mundane gym that was fine that we tried out on a day off and will probably try to loop into our schedule as I work on forming healthier habits. My watch, which I paid a lot for, will probably keep insulting me with this crap too! I do not feel like I overreached much, but I think it is more a comment on how poorly I have done the last few months and its algorithm telling me this might be a bit much!

To all the cool kids who talked about cooler stuff on the 29th of February I salute you. Hopefully in four years I will do better, but this year all you get is a glimpse into me overreaching as I did about 35 minutes of cardio today on an elliptical and a treadmill!

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