1&1 - Finally Over!!!

After more than two months of chasing this refund, dozens of phone calls and a few dozen emails (I am not exaggerating here I am afraid) I have finally received the rest of my refund from them. What can I say, it amazes me that these guys are in business and this has been one of the most costly mistakes in terms of time I have made. In the end it became a matter of principal ensuring my money was refunded after several threats of getting my credit card company involved. If anyone if thinking of using these guys I would advise you to think very carefully. I would also appreciate any recommendations of trustworthy, honest and approachable UK based colo/dedicated servers. I just need a decent dedicated server in London or preferably Manchester (closer to me) with affordable rates. I am hoping to put this whole thing behind me now, but I really cannot believe how terrible 1&1 have been from start to finish.

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