1&1 - Yet More Terrible Service...

Well what can I say… I am amazed that this company managed to scoop second in the Linux Format Awards for hosting providers! Their service is absolutely terrible, they have a poorly set out automated cancellation system and take out the money they are supposed to be refunding on the day they confirm the cancellation! Then won’t even tell me when they intend to refund the money for the account, for which they did absolutely nothing. I am glad I cancelled this account, as with service like this I do not think that this would have been a productive business relationship. If anyone has any recommendations for reasonable hosting providers please let me know. I just want root and will either build a 2U box, or rent one. All I really require from the company is a reasonable price, good transit links and the ability to tell me the truth/do what they say they will. Is this really too much to ask? It obviously is for 1&1.

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