Yesterday we had to say goodbye to Obi, our family pet. He joined us in upstate and has been a big part of our lives since then. Devastated to say he didn’t make it to eight years old, last Friday it became clear that the medication to help with a chronic condition simply was not working. The vet gave him something to help him for a few weeks maybe, but even that only had a moderate effect. We had known this day would come for many months, but had hoped that it would be years away.

One last walk to the beach

On Monday evening we took him for one last walk to the beach, and he was thankfully well enough to enjoy it. That evening we spent in the garden as a family around a fire in the back yard. It was rough, but I think we are all glad we got that final day. Yesterday I ended up going out on a four mile walk along the beach to try and clear my head, and then spent the afternoon in the backyard with Obi letting him just be.

It was tough, when our son came home we took Obi to meet him and went on a short walk to the duck pond. Then as my daughter got back we all said goodbye before taking him to the vet. So glad we had him in our life, so sad that his life couldn’t have been longer. Trying to keep doing all the things I am supposed to do, but it is tough. After having to make this decision I am not sure if we will have another dog.

It is the first real loss my children have had to endure, and I wish that it wasn’t so soon for them. I always try to seize each day as if it might be my last, but when it comes to it I don’t think we are ever ready no matter how it happens. These last few years have been so tough, this last week even more so. We are heartbroken, send him hugs. I am glad he is not in pain any longer.

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