Aren't Dyson Great!

No I haven’t been paid off by Dyson, but I just felt that I had to express my total satisfaction at their fresh approach. Like most people we have to clean our house from time to time otherwise our computers would get clogged and the house would smell… We’ve had a Dyson for the past three years or so and it broke on Thursday with a nasty metallic smell coming out of it. We looked at the warranty and it only lasted for two years but we figured it was a fairly expensive Dyson so it might be worth getting it fixed. They sent someone round to our house on Monday and said there was no charge if he couldn’t fix it, it was also free if it was a manufacturing fault or a flat rate fee of £55 to fix it. We figured we couldn’t go wrong with that and when he came round he had it fixed within twenty minutes (new motor + filter) and said it was free. They even guarantee the repair for a year! After all the hassle we had with things like our crappy Peugeot 106 (actively trying not to honour their warranty) I was so shocked at a company like Dyson treating us so well. It is just a small thing but I have to say I am extremely impressed and as far as I am aware this is how they treat all their customers. They have made a loyal customer out of me and for once I have been shocked in a good way. Now to get some work done in my freshly vacuumed office

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