Git and Automatic ChangeLog Generation

After our move to use Git and GitHub to host our repository I got thinking about ChangeLogs. Having a version controlled file, where you manually add details about what the version control system should be recording seems like it should not be necessary. I searched and couldn’t find a solution that generates ChangeLogs in the style we prefer, which is a variant of the GNU ChangeLog.

2008-12-29 Tim Vandermeersch <email@protected>

∗ libavogadro/src/pluginmanager.cpp: replace getenv(…) with QProcess::systemEnvironment()

∗ libavogadro/src/elementtranslate.h: Replace “A_DECL_EXPORT extern …” with “A_EXPORT extern …”

∗ CMakeLists.txt: use /MD compiler flag for MSVC

2008-12-28 Marcus D. Hanwell <email@protected>

∗ libavogadro/src/molecule.cpp, libavogadro/src/molecule.h, libavogadro/src/python/molecule.cpp: Lots of documentation updates, reorganised the functions and grouped in Doxygen tags. Some minor changes too, more are needed for const correctness.

∗ testfiles/multicubes.cube.gz: Removed from our source as it is the same size as all the other files put together. May be we should provide a more extensive sample of files in a separate distribution.

∗ libavogadro/src/engines/bsdyengine.cpp: Ported to use the new bond position functions.

∗ libavogadro/src/bond.cpp, libavogadro/src/bond.h: Added functions to retrieve bond positions, still need to implement the mid-point function.

∗ libavogadro/src/bond.h: Documentation updates.

∗ libavogadro/src/python/bond.cpp: Added missing Atom include.

∗ libavogadro/src/atom.cpp, libavogadro/src/atom.h: Documentation updates, added member function groupings and a destructor.

∗ libavogadro/src/atom.cpp, libavogadro/src/bond.cpp, libavogadro/src/bond.h: Added some atom accessor functions to the Bond class. This should make using bonds easier. Fixed assignment order in Atom constructor.

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