Going to France tomorrow!

I am going to France tomorrow - or may be that should read today now as it has gone 12 AM. Really disorganised - I have been so busy that I am up now printing out directions, eticket receipts, itineries, packing my bag and generally trying to make sure everything is ready! It has been a really hectic few weeks, and I really need a few more days to prepare! I have loads of samples anyway. The hostels on site at ILL are closed/full, and so I will be staying in a hotel in Grenoble. We only have two days on D17, and so I will be back on Wednesday. I don’t think we will get through all the samples I have anyway with the time available - but I do hope we have enough to get some good data… It is my first ever trip for my PhD and so I really want it to go well Anyway, I am going to have to run as I am really tired, need to finish packing and get to Manchester airport terminal 3 for 10:00am in the morning.

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