Got Married - Great Honeymoon in Sharm el Sheikh

Well we got married on Friday 29 July and everything went really well. It rained all day Thursday and they predicted thunder storms for Friday but it was dry all day. The photos should be really good, I should be able to collect the proofs from the photographer today or tomorrow I think he said. I think everyone there had a great time, and it was really good to see so many close friends and family gathered in one place. We stayed over at Worteley Hall and set off for Gatwick Saturday, stopped in a Holiday Inn near the airport overnight and flew out the next morning. We stayed at the Hilton Hotel in Sharks Bay which was a really nice hotel. Occupancy was down to about 65% due to the bombings the previous week in the area, but the staff was great and the resort was beautiful. We went diving and snorkelling with the Sinai Dive Club which had a center in our hotel. I got my PADI Open Water Diver, and my Advanced Open Water Diver certifications. Louise got her Open Water Diver and Adventure Diver qualifications as she has a little trouble with her ears. We had a great time diving in the Red Sea, it really is amazing out there. The sea water was 28-29 C the whole time we were out there, the house reef was really nice and the reefs out in Ras Mohammed were even better. We saw a really old leather back sea turtle swimming past the house reef as well as big Napoleon fish, Nemos, trigger fish, a giant moray eel out hunting (and lots lurking in their caves) and big shoals of unicorn fish, tuna and way more too numerous to mention. We also did a deep dive out at Ras Mohammed. Our instructors Karen and Tati were both great and I can’t wait to go back out! We also made it up to Cairo for a few days. We saw the pyramids, went round the museum and I rode a camel outside the great pyramids which was really fun and a little scary. Cairo was a nice place to visit but two days was more than enough for me. We said next time it would be good to go on a Nile cruise and visit Luxor. Unfortunately after the wedding and honeymoon and all the other travelling I did before that we are now broke… So we have to come back down to earth and get some serious work done if we are ever going to afford a holiday next year. I also finish my PhD next year and need to find a job! I am sure it will all work out in the end.

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