Great Night Out in Tokyo

Well we got to Tokyo alright. I would like to say a massive thank you to Tomoyuki for meeting up with us on Saturday and showing us the sites of Tokyo. It was a pleasure to meet him - he introduced us to even more wonderful Japanese food I had never heard of but thoroughly enjoyed and even endured our endless questions! We are having a great time out here - just found an Internet cafe out here on the 12th floor of a sky scraper! I guess that isn’t unusual around here. I have loads of photos but can’t get any on the net until I get home. Hopefully nothing has exploded back home as I can’t access my Gentoo email and couldn’t fix it if it had as I can’t get SSH or IRC out here Great night out and nice to meet a fellow Gentoo user so far from home Unfortunately my Japanese is still very weak and the swaying of this building is making me feel all freaky… I may not get net access until I get back home now - hoping to take in as much of Tokyo as I can before going home.

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