Great Weekend Away in Ireland

Been so busy this week and haven’t even had chance to sit down and write about Ireland until today! Louise and I had a really nice time out in Dublin. We met up with former dev Rob (tigger^) and his wife for a meal on the Friday night. Louise and Sarah started laughing at us when we started speaking about techie things and steered the conversation back to more important things like the sights of Dublin! Louise and I went to the Jamsons distillery and the Guinness store house for their tours. I got myself a nice bottle of Jamesons 12 year old as a souvenir after sampling a few of their drinks. Saturday night we got invited to a small party with some friends of Rob, had a really nice time but found out just how hard a taxi can be to get in Dublin late at night! The next day we had our big drive down to Cork. Found a nice pub along the way to get a little lunch at but most of Ireland seemed to be closed so we didn’t do much else. Our hotel was pretty easy to find, but both the hotels we stayed in claimed to be in the city centre of Dublin and Cork respectively. Neither was even close - we must research these things more closely in future! On our last day in Ireland we went to the Old Middleton Jamesons distillery to see if that one was nicer. We thought it was and enjoyed the tour more at this one. I did resist the urge to get any more souvenirs though Then we went to a zoo where they seem to let the animals roam about. Louise loves her zoos. I got some really nice pictures on my SLR (need to get the film developed) and Louise got some good ones on my little digital camera too. Had a beautiful meal at the hotel after trying to park in Cork and giving up after about 45 minutes of trying! We would definitely go back to Ireland, but I would like to take in some of the west coast next time. I hear there is some amazing diving too so we would have to take the ferry next time as 10 kg is not a lot of dive gear on Ryanair! I will try to put up my photos as soon as I get chance.

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