Happy New Year - Lots To Do

Well it is the New Year already! 2006 has come around so fast… This will (hopefully) be the final year of my PhD studies at the University of Sheffield. I spent quite a bit of time before the break polishing up my CV, and will be sending it out to some research groups shortly to see if there are any potential postdoctoral positions going for when I finish. I am also scouring the job web sites for potential positions. On top of that I am of course working on some more papers and my thesis! I also have to prepare a presentation to summarise my work for the final year PhD talks that are taking place on the 26th (by coincidence this coincides with my 26th birthday). If there is any time left in there I will hopefully be able to do some Gentoo development and work on my Qt4 based X-ray/neutron reflectivity package. This is certainly going to be a tough year with lots of uncertainties. Time to get started!

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