PADI Rescue Diver Course - I Passed

On Saturday I did the open water section of the PADI rescue diver course. It was a long day, starting at 5am waking up, getting my dive gear in the car and setting off just before 6am. Then I had a two hour drive up to Capernwray and met with Tigerdive and my course mates at the Truckhaven services just across the road from the dive site for our briefing at just gone 8am. Once we got to the dive site I had to register, we had a briefing on the site and then kitted up. I think we got into the water for about 11am and we did our first dive and the only one we could log for the day (the others were all too short). Mick (a trainee divemaster) led us on a whistlestop tour of the site. We did a short surface swim to the helicopter buoy and descended on it down to 12 m. I was buddied up with Alistair for the day, with Sara and Ian buddied up too. We circled the helicopter and then Mick led us past another couple of boats and we finished on the Sessner (I think it is called) before ascending to 6 m and starting the exercises - diver problems underwater. We were just constantly watching everyone for what they were going to do to us next and just when I thought it was over Mick simulated an out of air situation and we ascended with him breathing from my octopus. After that we had diver problems on the surface, panicked divers and it went on! We were in the water for most of the day and it was the most exhausting course I have done so far. I think it was really worth it and I feel like I could really make a difference if I needed to help a diver in trouble now but it isn’t a course I would have wanted to do before I was confident underwater and above it. I am now a certified PADI rescue diver - I have a badge, a certificate and soon even another PADI card to prove it! I spent most of Sunday recovering from Saturday…

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