SET for Britain Physics 2006 at the House of Commons

I got my train down to London at 7:14 I think it was, on Tuesday morning; bleary eyed and tired armed with my poster, invitation, small A4 posters and a camera (travelled light due to the security restrictions). Managed to get on one of the new Midland Mainline trains with all the snazzy displays and stuff on it. The train left on time and got in five minutes early, far smoother than previous journeys I have taken down to London. Once on the tube I spotted someone else carrying a poster tube and got chatting to her. At the Westminster tube station we bumped into more poster tube carrying people all destined for Physics 2006. We went into the House of Commons via a side entrance. This was my first trip to the House of Commons and security was pretty tight with the metal detector arches, X-ray scanners and police officers frisking us on entry. Once inside I found out we weren’t supposed to take photos and it became clear that the terrace marquee was nowhere near what I thought of as the House of Commons.

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