Terrible Day...

I think I had had the worst 24 hours in a long time! It started with the hard drive in my old PII 450 server failing, taking out my email at about 1am. After recovering what I could, setting up an alternate server to accept email for my Gentoo and general email I got some sleep at about 2:30am or so. Driving in to work this morning some idiot taxi driver goes into the back of my car! Took his details but it doesn’t look like there was any damage. Then I had to try and get in as I had someone visiting at work and had to make some samples with him today for nanolithography. That went OK apart from dropping a piece of prepared silicon on the floor and feeling really tired. Finally got to the end of the day feeling like crap. Went to pick Louise up from work and got stuck in traffic for about 50 minutes for what is usually only a 5 minute drive in rush hour! Some idiot reversed into me very slowly at the traffic lights too - really unimpressed as he saw me there. When I got to Louise’s workplace I decided that she could drive us home. Got home and Louise made some dinner, then crashed out on the sofa at about 7pm. Went to bed and fell to sleep, but woke up again at about 10pm and don’t feel like I am going to be able to sleep anymore. Took my new laptop out of its cool backpack style case and noticed I had forgotten its power supply and mouse - they are at work. I guess I will find out how long the batteries last before giving up. It has just turned midnight now so hopefully tomorrow will be better!

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