Updated BOINC Package - Limited Activity

It seems I get less and less time to post about Gentoo recently as it is becoming harder to make time for it in between diving and writing up my thesis. I have updated the BOINC package to the latest stable version in portage and have gained a somewhat better understanding of their versioning. It is tough keeping BOINC up to date with my very limited time right now so any help is appreciated. I also looked at updating the setiathome client but I am afraid I failed. I couldn’t find a version that would compile against 5.4.11. Any help on this would be great - finding information on the web is tough but may be I just haven’t looked right. Debian seem to have a version but I didn’t get time to dig through where the source is from etc. If anyone knows anymore about SETI@Home please let me know. There aren’t any nice stable tarballs and instructions I can find - but if you could point them out then may be I will manage to find enough time one weekend soon. Until then I am mostly inactive as I still haven’t finished my thesis and really need to get it done ASAP! If any other developers feel like taking up the slack I won’t shout at you for updating packages I maintain - I would actively thank you for it. I will mainly be using LaTeX, Kile and kBibTeX until my thesis is done [places proverbial do not disturb sign on the door]…

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