All these new toys

I have gotten so many new toys in the last few weeks. My credit cards are feeling it, but I think it is worth it. In my quest for the ultimate office I managed to get two LG L1710B 17" TFT screens for my office! They are great too, I got the nVidia TwinView stuff working in Linux really nicely - although it wasn’t as easy as I had thought. One is coming from DVI, and the other from VGA. I am using Xinerama, and thanks to the excellent AMD64 nVidia driver both displays are still hardware accelerated and perform very well. I also got Dual View working in Windows, but rarely use that any longer. Then I also got an NEC 2510A Dual Layer DVD writer. It is very good, and fully supported under Linux too. Wrote a few backups of all my photos, all my data files and when I get chance I am going to make one with all my ripped MP3/OGG tracks as it took ages to scan them all in! Then Louise surprised me too, and had saved up to get me an SLR camera! I didn’t expect that at all, but I have been after one for ages but never thought I could spare the money for one. She got me a Nikon F80 with the 28-100 mm and 70-300 mm G lenses. From the first roll of film it all looks great - and we are going down to London this weekend too. That should give me a chance to really get some good shots out of it hopefully.

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