Finally finished Jack's PC!

Like the title says - I have finally finished rebuilding Jack’s PC! It has been quite a long while, I think I have had it for months now. I have been so amazingly busy these last few months, and have had several of my older PCs break too. I gave him 256 MB extra RAM and an ATI graphics card from one of my old PCs. I also bought him a new 80 GB hard drive, as the old 10 GB one was nowhere near big enough now they are playing with digital pictures too. I have put Windows back on to it, as well as Gentoo Linux! I know they need Windows for games, and I have secured it as much as possible by using Thunderbird, Firefox, Kerio Firewall and an antivirus program. Can’t sleep at the moment though… Hence up working at this time. Anyway, I am going to get back to it and finish off this PC. I should be able to get a fan for the old PIII slot 1 PC I have, and get that working again soon too.

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