Anyone Else Noticed Amazon Just Increase Their Prices???

I was just adding a couple of bits to an order with Amazon that I started yesterday (I think, may be the day before) and they just increased the prices on three things in my basket What is happening? Not the normal pound or two either, Spooks Season 4 (Xmas pressie) went from £27.99 to £31.99, Blue Planet (I like stuff underwater if you haven’t noticed) went up from £17.99 to £23.99 and the Final Destination 1-3 box set went up from £15.99 to £21.24! I learnt to stop being quite so lazy and found out that by shopping around I could get Spooks Season 4 for £27.99 and the Final Destination box set for £11.99 from with free delivery too. I need to stop being so lazy but I don’t get why Amazon suddenly put their prices up by so much. Is this the sound of Xmas coming or is there something else I am not aware of? They do Blue Planet at £22.99 though so it wasn’t all good news, but they are now way cheaper than Amazon I am going to go back to writing my thesis instead of ranting about randomness now May be I should start a new rants category.

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