Diving in St Abbs

We went up to St Abbs last weekend on a diving trip - probably the last of the year before it gets too cold and rough for me to go giving in my semi-dry… We drove up on Friday in our new, old car - a used Renault Megane Scenic. We thought the car was massive, but once we had loaded it with two sets of dive gear, cylinders, camping gear and the dog it didn’t seem so big anymore. Fully laden we set off on our journey. We were hoping to get there with some daylight left, but unfortunately time was not on our side and it was pitch black when we got there at around 21:30. Some friends were already there with their tent up and cooking their dinner. We got the car shining some light on our pitch next to their’s at the Crosslaw camp site Louise found for us. They gave us a really big pitch and the facilities were good. I have to say that the weather was absolutely amazing too - we had sun all weekend and on until Monday when we set off back home. The first days diving was pretty tough - the entry and exit is not that easy anywhere at low tide, and apparently these were some of the lowest tides for ten years or more. Once in the water it was great though and the best thing was that the visibility just got better and better each day.

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