Finished Migrating My Gallery to Gallery 2 on the New Server

I have finished moving my old Gallery 1 site from my old server to the new one, and took the opportunity to migrate over to the newly released Gallery 2. Everything seemed to work really well and the migration went across without too many issues. I had been testing the betas and rcs anyway, but it was great to see the final product. I think my gallery looks much better now. I did see another Gallery 2 site with the year as a big heading, and the albums taken in that year in that section which I really liked. Anyway I am really busy and am going to have to shoot. I took the opportunity to add all the photos from my trip to Japan, stag week in Tenerife, our wedding and some of the honeymoon photos. Hopefully I will get time to add more later. I am very impressed overall, but I would really like the photos in the random photo and when you are looking at individual photos to be centred. I will have to see if there is an easy way to do that soon.

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