New Server Online!

I have been so busy recently. Over the weekend I was getting my new server online and configured. Some of you may remember the terrible problems I had with 1&1 a while back. Then the manic travelling during the Summer, wedding and months trying to catch up on everything I needed to do whilst I was away (still not caught up - sorry if you are waiting on something). Well I finally got a dedicated server sorted, and it is of course running Gentoo. To be more exact it is running AMD64 Gentoo Hardened kernel and toolchain and it has been rock solid so far. I am renting the server from OH Telecom who have been very helpful and friendly so far, they even downloaded an amd64 2005.1 LiveCD for me to install from Using all the grsecurity/PaX stuff with the hardened toolchain and everything still works too! I am new to this stuff, but the hardened docs seemed to explain it all very well. If you are seeing this blog entry it also means that DNS has updated and nothing broke! Hopefully you won’t see all my blog posts again, or something like that, as I have seen happen when others have moved servers before… I am gradually moving all my email and web sites over, testing new stuff out and making sure it all works. It will also allow me to give some of the server oriented Gentoo packages much more testing too - I have spent the last few days trying to get all the Apache and PHP stuff keyworded correctly. Please poke me if I missed anything.

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