Finished My PADI Divemaster Course

Over the last week I have spent a couple of days making sure I had done all the paperwork, completed the last few exams and went through knowledge reviews. Then I got roped into doing the open water course with Lucy and Craig, with Gordon divemastering too. Unfortunately he got caught in traffic and it was just me until Sunday when Mick ended up divemastering too. Mark and Lynda did our supervising certified divers in open water dive and it was a tough dive with lots of interesting issues. We got through it in the end though! Once I get some photos of myself that I can live with on my certification cards (as Mark warned me they keep this picture instead of using a new one each time) I will send off my application. I am really pleased I have finished the course, I have learnt a lot and it has been really tough at points but it was definitely worth it. I probably won’t do much more diving in the UK until next year now as I don’t have a dry suit (or the money to get one). That is probably a good thing so I can devote more time to writing up my thesis as that has slipped behind schedule a little. I will probably manage one or two pleasure dives before the end of November, and then I will have to wait until Egypt at the end of January. Hopefully all of our open water students had a good weekend and enjoyed the diving too.

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