Orange UK "Customer Service"

I am afraid it is time for another rant! This time it is Orange UK. I switched to them from T-Mobile as I thought the grass might be greener on the other side. How wrong I really was on that one. Whenever I need to phone I get the standard recorded message “We are currently receiving a very high number of calls…please hold…” and I have been on hold for more than 60 minutes now! I find that absolutely disgraceful and the reason I am hold is to talk to them about services they are charging me for that I never asked for. I really am beside myself in disbelief. Once my contract period is up I will be moving as soon as I possibly can. My bills have been higher with them, my phone occasionally tells me I have an inactive SIM and won’t make or receive calls (they are apparently working on that issue) and their phone lines take forever to get through to people. I am giving up now as I really don’t have the time to wait on hold for an hour or more to speak to someone. I will have to give them a try tomorrow or something. I know I will be moving my mobile account somewhere else once my contract is over with them. Is this typical of Orange? I always got the impression they were a little pricier but were really good otherwise - I am guessing this impression may have been wrong now. Looks like the time they take to answer my call is going to exceed the capacity of the battery in my mobile phone! Rant over for now.

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