Finshed My 10 km Run!!!

I finshed my 10 km run in Graves Park today!!! I was really pleased with myself as I did the whole thing in just under 59 minutes, I didn’t get any shin splints and I managed to raise £56.50 for the British Heart Foundation. It was certainly very tough and there were some big hills on the course. It was mostly on grass too which seemed to take more out of me as I was running it. I was aiming to do it in under an hour though and I did that. I don’t think I am super fit yet, and I haven’t lost as much weight as I would like but it certainly made me feel good that I could make it round the course and come out with quite a good time. There were a few there that did it in 35-40 minutes I believe - I might get there one day! I would quite like to find a half marathon to run somewhere next!

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