First Few Days in Baltimore

Started off my journey on Friday morning at about 5am. Couldn’t find my hair fudge but aside from that I think I managed to remember everything I needed. Got to the train station and caught the 5:20 train to London. Louise got me a seat in first class, but first class wasn’t as first class as usual this morning. They did the usual barely drinkable complimentary coffee but no food was served. So went I got into London I was starving. Got the tube and the tube replacement bus to terminal 4 at Heathrow. This was my longest ever journey travelling alone, before this I had just done a short hop to Grenoble, France! It is pretty lonely travelling alone. Security was the highest I have seen it on both sides of the Atlantic. I used the BA online checkin service, checked in my bag for the hold and then I thought I was done. Just had to go through security so I went to the red barriers and was directed to the back of the line. A few times along there I thought I had lost the line but it really was that long! I think I was waiting for about an hour to get through security, thankfully I had arrived with lots of time to spare. Continue reading “First Few Days in Baltimore”

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