Off to Baltimore in a Few Hours

Well I am going to set off in a couple of hours to catch the train down to London, Heathrow is such a hassle to get to from Sheffield. Looking forward to it but paranoid I have forgotten something I will need. BA only let you take one piece of hand luggage which is going to have to be my laptop, so unfortunately my SLR camera has to stay at home. I will be taking my small Fuji F10 but I would really like to be able to use my Nikon F80 out there. I don’t trust it in checked baggage though. If there are any Gentoo folk who fancy meeting up for a beer I should be able to check mail at the hotel. The conference looks huge - it will be a real challenge taking it all in and seeing as much as possible whilst I am out there. Best continue running round the house trying to check I haven’t forgotten anything now!

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