Getting Fit

Like Donnie I am also trying to get fit. Towards the end of January we switched from the Virgin gym to Greens in Sheffield due to its more convenient location (closer to where we both work) and the promise of a new place invigorating us (and the fact that none of the staff ever seemed that interested in helping you out at Virgin). I think the convenience has really helped out and we have made it quite regularly, apart from the times when I have been out of Sheffield (and quite often the country) which seems to happen more and more regularly recently. We have also been trying to eat more healthily and just eat what we want (i.e. leaving the clean plate club). So far it has worked out really well for me having lost four inches off my waist and over two stones in the last three or four months. I am also so much fitter now and on Sunday morning I managed to run 5 km (3 miles) in just over 32 minutes. This is great progress for me as a few months back I struggled to run for 10 minutes without stopping. I am also doing a lot of swimming, spinning and various other bits to tone up and stuff. I am feeling lots better and am hoping it will really pay off whilst we are on holiday with the scuba diving and snorkelling especially. I have been enjoying running quite a bit too - the mental challenge of running faster and further has been really good fun, setting targets for myself and beating them as well as watching the weight slip off. It hasn’t been going quite as well for my wife - she is training to run in the race for life charity 5 km run in June so I am trying to help her train up for that. We are going to try and do a little running out in Malta to keep fit and help Louise train. Time to try and get some sleep anyway - at best I have four hours of sleep left before we get up and get our plane

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