Holiday in Malta

Using a slow DSL connection from some airport hotel in Manchester. We are waiting for our flight in the morning to Malta. I have been running around for the last few days trying to make sure I got everything done before we left. I nearly managed to forget my new dive watch! We decided to give Virgin Trains a go too and they sold us a ticket onto some crappy little First train with two carriages. We basically ended up travelling for over 2.5 hours for a journey I could have driven in about an hour in the car! I don’t think we will be bothering with the train to Manchester again. The hotel has been a little boring too - I just want to be off on holiday. So in future we will either drive or get a taxi straight to the airport for our flight unless it is down in a London airport as that is much further away. I have been double checking and I think I have remembered everything else we needed and now I can’t sleep… Can’t wait to get to Malta - we have been told by lots of people how nice it is out there. I have taken the O-rings off of all my underwater stuff (apparently it can damage them due to the reduced cabin pressure in the plane) so I really hope they work OK once I put them back together. I think I will test them in the bath at the hotel and again snorkelling before I take them on a real dive. We aren’t sure if there is any Internet access at the hotel so tonight could be my last night on the Internet for two weeks! I am hoping to write a Qt4 based dive log analyser for my new dive computer whilst we are away in C++. I have come up with a rough prototype for it but have been too busy over the last few days. It would be good to be able to download and analyse my dives in Linux - I already have the Suunto USB interface working. If I get something decent together I will try to make a proper release and package it for Gentoo. It would be good to release a useful and unique application to the public. Anyway I had best try and get some sleep! Need to be up at 3am to get ready and get to our terminal for 4:40am… It could be a couple of weeks cut off from the Internet potentially too

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