Google Earth Linux Beta

Been playing with the Linux beta of the Google Earth for the last few days. I had played with the Windows version once or twice and was impressed but as I do not run Windows full time anywhere (just very occasionally in VMWare) I hadn’t played with it much. The Linux beta seems to be really good, it has crashed twice on me so far, but for a beta it has taken a lot of hammer and remained stable and it looks very slick. I am really pleased to see Google developing for Linux too, and I think this is a very positive move on their part. They have been doing so much for the open source world it was starting to worry me that they like many large companies were neglecting Linux with their software offerings. I still haven’t had chance to try Picasa which is a more disappointing port in my eyes, although a definite beginning. It didn’t work on my amd64 system last time I tried it though… In other news I seem to be so busy right now! I can’t make it to the Gentoo UK 2006 Conference down in London this year. I hope you guys have a great time, wish I could have made it myself. I would have even rustled up a talk for you guys

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