Got My PADI Divemaster Card

When I got back from work today I had a very big letter from PADI. I didn’t think they were going to get it to me in time for Christmas but they managed it in the end! They seem to have butchered the photo I took so long getting ready for them. I got a nice head and shoulders shot like they asked for, printed it at exactly the size they wanted, trimmed it down and sent it off. They seem to have used the nastiest scanner they could find, butchered the colour and zoomed right in on my face and skipped the shoulders part they asked for. It is nice to have my first black card though - ready for our holiday out to Egypt next month. Everyone from Tigerdive went out yesterday to the pub too and I got my Tigerdivemaster engraved hip flask too. I am sure that will come in useful over the holiday season. Back to writing up my thesis now… Need to get it finished, need to get it finished, need to get it finished… I want a shave - it’s all itchy!

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