Merry Christmas or Bah, Humbug?

Did you all have a very merry Xmas or was it more of a bah, humbug for you? I have to admit I personally do not have much time for the season of excess and high expectations which are all too often not met for many people. Getting together with family, eating and drinking too much to spend the next few months regretting it for emotional or weight related reasons I think it can be fun for children if done in the right way but adults should see it as a chance to spend time with family and friends. I personally look forward to getting together with friends in between Christmas and New Year. As an atheist I have no problems with the religious message of Christmas being lost (they borrowed most of it from the pagans and various others anyway). I dislike not being able to nip into the shops and the disruption to my schedule but you get used to it. I do however always look forward to meeting up with old friends. This year was always going to be worse than others for me as I am behind on the completion of my thesis (should have been done by now) and so every spare moment is spent writing that up. There are also various things around the house that need finishing up… I for one don’t feel the need or wish to conform to the Christmas traditions, most of which were made up in the last 100 or so years. I hope you all got what you wanted from Christmas, or if not at least got out of it without too many lasting scars I for one will be getting back to work now!

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