Happy New Year

I just thought I would wish everyone out there a happy new year. I have given the parties a miss this year, but had a great party yesterday where lots of old friends from university along with a few new ones came over to our house. We cooked dinner for everyone and then played party games, talked and drank well into the morning. The house is still a mess, I will be eating leftovers for a week but I had a really good night. I figured I could get some work done tonight and tomorrow - my thesis certainly needs as much time as I can spare for it! Gentoo development has also been neglected recently due to me writing up my thesis. 2006 has been a pretty good year overall. I got to do quite a bit of traveling to Baltimore, Malta, Dublin and several places around the UK diving. I recently got my PADI divemaster certification. I ran my first 10 km race and am in the best shape I have been for years. It hasn’t been a perfect year as my thesis is still not complete and I have not found a postdoctoral position as yet. I will be getting my thesis finished very soon though and I have a week in Hurghada, Egypt to look forward to. I am going to have a think about new years resolutions. Last year it was to lose weight and get back into shape and that worked out pretty well. Completing my thesis will certainly be in there! I hope you all have a great new year whatever you are doing. I am going to go and join Louise at her parents before the new year gets here! Happy new year!

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