MADWiFi Working on AMD64 Again

Well they finally fixed the new MADWiFi driver to work with AMD64 again, after about two months or so of it causes a kernel oops whenever traffic was transmitted over the wireless link. I have been too busy to get a new card and so I am still using this one. Still not happy about the closed source HAL and think the reasoning behind it is flaky. It is little better than a proprietary driver, but the old driver worked and thanks to brix the new driver is in portage already and has been rekeyworded ~amd64. Hopefully wireless in Linux will improve soon, I don’t think closed source drivers are the answer though. In other news I have also brought the latest version of boinc out of package.mask to receive wider testing. It seems to be working pretty well, but still isn’t as smooth as I would like. If anyone has ideas on how to improve it, or better yet patches, I would love to hear from you.

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