Won Joint First Prize for My Final Year Talk

Just given my talk (on my birthday no less) and I won joint first prize for it, so I am really pleased. I wrote it all in Linux using Kile, LaTeX and LaTeX beamer. You can look at a copy of the PDF here if you would like to. It is a summary of two of the main areas of my research - alkanethiol encapsulated gold nanoparticle Langmuir-Blodgett/Langmuir-Schaeffer multilayers, and the sensing/conductivity characteristics of these multilayers to various gases and vapours. I just have to get more of my work published, write up my thesis, find a postdoctoral position (hopefully in the States or Canada) and pass my viva! Shouldn’t be too hard, for now I am going to take the evening off and enjoy the rest of my 26th birthday

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