UK Linux Expo and Key Signing

Rob (tigger) sent a gentle reminder about the UK Linux Expo that is on 5-6 October at Olympia London. As he said we have a small booth in the .org village, and there will be several Gentoo developers in attendance including myself and Rob. I will be taking my new Acer Ferrari 4005WLMi laptop I have already blogged about several times, along with my new Fuji F10 digital camera to preserve moments from the expo forever I would also like to encourage all the developers to send me their GPG keys and to take part in the key signing which will be going off at the conference. I prepared a page with instructions here. I have signatures on my key ring from many of the European developers at FOSDEM, and it would be good to extend the web of trust to the UK developers too. I think that is everything - I look forward to meeting up with the developers and users, hopefully some who went to the Gentoo UK meeting will be there again.

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