X-ray reflectivity and stuff

Made three samples on Thursday last week - two 4 layer gold nanoparticle samples (15 and 20 mN), and one 8 layer sample (20 mN). So today and yesterday I have been learning how to use the D8 X-ray diffractometer across in chemistry with Jonathan Howse. It has been really cool learning how to use it all, and how it all works. I think I just about get everything, but I get the feeling that next time I am going to be doing it alone… The first result for the 4 layer sample deposited at 20 mN looks very promising, better than the last set obtained as far as I can tell. Jon has been really helpful too, and I have learnt a lot about using the diffractometer and XRR/NR in general. He even told me the best place to get hold of silicon from at the moment Tim is back from Japan tomorrow too - I hope it has all gone well over there. Hopefully we will have some nice AFM images of my gold nanoparticles when he gets back too. I think I have figured out why we get two layers from every dip using the LS technique when one would clasically expect to get only one layer. It will be good to find out if I am correct, and whether no one has ever thought of it again! An action packed week really - I get to see the other 4 layer tomorrow morning. I am also working on the modelling with Neil right now, and have an amplifier on order with Phil for the end trough. Hopefully we can get the end trough computerised and capable of doing isotherms and transfer ratios soon - although I think Phil would like to add some extra gearing in there too.

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