Not written anything in a while...

I’ve not written anything in quite a while - it’s been a hectic few weeks and I am still behind with everything! It was a year since Aaron died on Monday, and so I have been feeling pretty down in the last week or so. You try not to let you get it down, but it’s hard not to let it. Tends to be worsened by those around you hassling you, and having a go. Enough of that though. I have managed to accomplish a few things this week. I fitted the new potentiometer to the trough, and that worked really well. Also managed to get the program to save the new calibration data successfully too - all the files were read only and once that was changed it worked. It is a bug in the program though - it should report that it cannot write to the file. I took Monday off to keep away from people more than anything else. I also took Tuesday off to go to a Linux conference too at the Sheffield Wednesday ground. It was OK, but I was hoping for better speakers. I really don’t know if I would bother again - Sheffield probably isn’t the best place for big conferences I have booked the X-ray reflectometer for next week too - hopefully Monday and Tuesday. Jon has agreed to show me how to use it to do some work on my samples. I am going to do my absolute best to make some good samples tomorrow - hopefully they will produce some good results. I also have lots of simulation to do as well, and a few new material models to hopefully tweak to the point where they can be published. It’s a very busy time - do have some Physoc stuff on too, but I am really not willing to put too much time into it.

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