What a week...

What a week it has been! I have been so unbelievably busy this week, and it’s finally over. I did make the samples I needed for Japan on Tuesday. First try was on Monday, but cleaning did not go well at all and I basically made one sample all day. Got quite a few done on Tuesday though, and made some really nice samples on glass and silicon. Also got a couple of palladium nanoparticle films deposited on some silicon and glass. Got promising AFM images from the silicon one, but then there was an accident when Andy copied the files to a zip disk for me and all but one of the files was lost. He said he would take some more with me next week though. I finished my abstract for the ECOF2004 conference too. It has been checked and sent off now, which is great. Just hope they accept my abstract now. I still haven’t finished off the new trough software though - I need to make/get an amplifier built for the area potentiometer. Still not managed to get much modelling done either. The quiz is next week too, pretty much got that one sorted now. Also just about finished putting the Hicks Ball programme together too, Mark has put some excellent pictures together for it.

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